Leadership & Self-Mastery

A New Approach to Leadership Development in Nine Powerful Courses

The Nine Courses of Leadership and Self-Mastery


Conscious Use of Self, the Path to Self-Mastery

Module 1 4 Lessons

This course sets the stage for all of the other courses. Effective leaders must consciously choose to switch off automatic and unproductive energy-sponging behaviors like worrying, complaining, blaming, and fighting. You will learn the key choices needed to consciously 1) align your impact with your intentions, 2) connect effectively with others, 3) and manage your ego.


Shaping Human Systems

Module 1 4 Lessons

Teams are the fundamental unit of organizations. Yet, research shows that 75% of teams are dysfunctional. The secret sauce to making teams work–a core task of leaders–is understanding that they are human systems. We don’t notice how teams and other human systems shape our behavior often against our better judgment. In this course, you will learn how to mold human systems rather than be molded by them. An important course!


Getting the Support You Need to Succeed

Module 1 4 Lessons

You will learn to develop the critical mass of support needed to accomplish the goals that all leaders have. You will also learn to develop a personal support system to maintain your self-mastery. After all no one has ever accomplish anything of significance alone! Here is where you will learn to develop the support that will work for you.


Building Agreements for Success

Module 1 4 Lessons

Leaders depend on others for their success. You will learn to develop explicit agreements that clarify expectations, establish accountability, and avoid upsets. The three areas where explicit agreements are most needed to avoid miscommunications and misunderstanding will be emphasized


Sound and Current Data

Module 1 4 Lessons

We automatically presuppose that our assumptions, interpretations, and judgements are correct. And, they often are. However, when they are not, off-target decisions and other unnecessary problems can disrupt your leadership. You will learn to be curious—the antidote to assumptions and the foundation of good decision-making. Available September, 2019.


Making Feedback Work

Module 1 4 Lessons

People cringe when someone says, "May I give you some feedback?" Giving and getting feedback are trials of fire in many teams and organizations. Yet, without good feedback we lose our way. You will learn how to receive feedback with aplomb and how to give feedback it so that it is heard and appreciated. You will also learn to establish feedback loops that will keep you and your human systems on target. Available January, 2020.


Transforming Power Dynamics

Module 1 4 Lessons

Power struggles and other win/lose dynamics are the enemies of all leaders. They waste productivity, destroy creativity, and ruin relationships. In this potent course, you will learn to turn such dynamics into the collaborative, energy-producing synergy that are the hallmarks of powerful teams and organizations. Available October, 2019.


Learning from Differences

Module 1 4 Lessons

Our egos use differences to instigate win/lose power dynamics–that enemy of leaders. Learn how to master your ego and take best advantage of the fact that differences are the only source of learning we have. Learning from differences is the necessary path to the innovation and creativity that leaders need in their teams and other human systems. Available October, 2019.



Module 1 4 Lessons

In our final course, you will learn how to support your followers to toward actualizing their conscious use of self as you have. Imagine the potency and pleasure of leading followers and employees who have learned from you the power of conscious, intentional, and deliberate choice-making!
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